December 30, 2009

Relaxing with family

This past week has been pretty damn super. We've had family here for dinner, movies and gifts.  Enjoyed new games and old ones with the kids. Gone out alone to see a movie (Sherlock Holmes) and had dinner out with friends. Couldn't ask for more.

Next is hot-tubbing, building a new murphy bed and New Year's Eve at a close friend's house. I haven't really done much work, but I've done some.

I'm organizing the new writer's blog I plan to launch in January with mystery, horror, fantasy and sci-fi writers. So far it's looking good.  I think some of the writers are super busy right now and I haven't heard from everyone yet - kind of like herding cats, you know?

I printed up some advanced reader copies for the book reviewers that requested hard copies of my manuscript and thought I'd see if any of the FB followers would like to buy a copy prior to it being edited and produced by an actual publisher.  Who would've figured people would want to buy it with errors in it?

I hope they are happy with the manuscript.  At least more than the reviewers have been.  I think I've become slightly cocky, or perhaps my over-confidence is catching up to stark reality, I'm not sure which.  The two reviewers I've sent my book to have nice things to say and have pointed out only a few things they didn't like, which is fine, I know it's not going to please everyone.  But both of them gave it three out of five stars.  The equivalent of six out of ten.  Essentially saying 40% of the books they read are better than mine.

Yeah, yeah... I'm thinking about it too much.  But it really did surprise me.  I think the fans have been so supportive and glowing that I had hoped the book would get four stars. Perhaps this generate buzz ahead of time idea is not such a smart one. On the other hand - it's a great exercise in teaching me patience for dealing with the reviewers that hate it - and I mean HATE it.  They are going to be out there - in droves I'm sure.

It's not hard to put your self out there, it's not hard to receive critiques of your work, it's not hard when nameless faceless people hate it when they only spew their opinion to me - but it will get hard when they spew it publicly and I can't say a word in response without sinking to their level.

Learning something new every day.  That's me.

Happy New Year everyone - stay safe and don't drink and drive - drink and walk, it's safer. ;-)



Nicole_Hadaway said...

Hey CJ! Happy New Year to you! Your trip into Georgetown sounds great -- did you get to check out the Exorcist Stairs?

They're right past the Key Bridge, near a gas station, I believe. Just something to do when the weather's cooperative!

C.J. Ellisson said...

Funny you should mention that - we went into a concert months ago and drove past them! One of the friends with us pointed them out as we sat in traffic going by. Super cool but I would still like to see them in person and get to walk them!

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