September 27, 2010

Well, I Did It - Vampire Vacation is Officially OUT THERE

 Whew! I've had a hellish week. But then again, I bet a lot of you have too, and I'm sure for various reasons.

I went through over a dozen different ways to make my novel into an epub file. Italics wouldn't work, covers wouldn't take. It was a nightmare. I even had a friend, Helena, offer to walk me through Adobe Indesign when I couldn't figure it out. Still have the tutorial guy's voice running over and over in my head... brrr...

But I did it. It's DONE.

I'm still waiting on the print addition to come out. Still to have the print file approved (again) and the cover, then get a proof. I feel like I've gone over the MS so many times a proof isn't needed, but I'll do it anyway to be safe. Oh - and I have to figure out the Apple software to make it an ibook.

Next is to get LSI to do worldwide distribution in print and then sit back and hope for the best.

Oh - and shamelessly beg people to review it. There's a theory that a fiction book needs 50 to 100 reviews to get noticed - especially if you're a nobody newbie like me. I've had over 300 people read the entire book, maybe I'll get lucky and 25-30% of them will be kind and take the time to review it.

I plan to wait until the print version comes out to start harassing my neighbors, book club members and family. Figured maybe they'd be kind and post one before I have to resort to drastic measures - like I did with the voting in the Dorchester contest last year. I basically hounded everyone who came in the house during a big party. Not one of my finer moments, but hey, it worked.

In case any of you are interested here are some links:

Amazon: Kindle Version $3.99  **Update - the introductory price is $.99. Will run until Oct 15th.

CreateSpace, personal page: Trade size 6x 9 print version when it does go up (Amazon direct page to follow) $12.95

Smashwords: Digital version for Apple, Sony ereader, Kindle, Android and other various platforms. $3.99  **Update - the introductory price is $.99. Will run until Oct 15th.

And if any of you are kind enough to post a review on those sites, there's a contest on my website where you could win one of 50 signed and numbered copies of the print version.

Lastly, I'll finish with a spot on Goodreads. It's a huge reader social network and the place where two supporters from a competitor gave my unpublished book crappy one-star reviews during the aforementioned contest. I will refrain from saying anymore in case the bitches are watching my blog. Again.

Other Updates - In Case You Give a Crap:

Sex Toy Reviews: I'll be back on track for October 16th. The Innervibe people came through and sent me three samples to giveaway. Yay!! I'll have a contest here on the blog for the items.

Group Blogs: The Everything Erotic blog is doing great. We have over 129 paid subscribers so far and are #22 in the ENTIRE blog section (out of over 10k). Even though the feedback on site has been sporadic, we've received some great reviews on the Kindle listing. I think people are enjoying the original work, just not comfortable with commenting on a blog that posts erotica (here's the FB page, if you'd like to get the story feeds on there).  Oh - and we've decided to do a ebook anthology every month with the previous month's posts. It will open us up to more readers on the Kindle, and all other devices, b/c it will be marketed as a book not a blog. Pretty damn cool, eh?

Wicked and WITS are doing fine, kind of quiet. I just haven't had the time to devote as much of myself there as before.

Writing: I entered a short story piece in a contest where first prize is $1,000.00 For a 2500 word submission that's pretty damn good money. I've only had three people read it - two writers and one reader, but they liked it a lot. It's the first time Vivian and Rafe met again as adults (she originally met him when he was a teenager). I'll let you know if I make it to the semi-finals and then you can stop by to read it. If I don't, I'll release it on FB and the EE Blog.

I haven't gone back and done any more on The Hunt in a while. Still hanging out at 41k words. Once the last details get behind me on V V I'll be able to focus on it more.

The kid's middle grade book I'm doing only has a chapter done, but it will come together. I've got it plotted, so it's just making the time to actually write it. The most exciting part about that project is I'll finally get to have my kids read something I wrote. Oh - and when you add in that these books are shorter, I should be able to crank it out faster. Hooray!

Short update on the health stuff: I'm on some new meds and doing pretty good. I had a rough adjustment to taking Ceftin and Biaxin together, but hopefully I'm past the worst. I met with the uber Lyme doctor on Wednesday.

Never a dull moment, that's me.

Review my book. Please. I can beg if you'd like. I'm not above it. ;-)



Katrina W said...

Hi Cj congrads!!!! Will post my review once I have finished reading.. ;) promise !!! Im half way there !!! ;)
So yes.. Keep us posted on your little contest ! and hope all goes well with you, and your health and will post reviews everywhere when done.. ;)
kat x

C.J. Ellisson said...

Thanks GF, you rock. If you have the inclination (and the time) I'd really appreciate one that was more than six or seven sentences. I'm grateful for the people who've left reviews, don't get me wrong, I just know from experience it's the longer ones that tell a little about the book without giving too much away that potential readers really pay attention to.

So glad to hear you're enjoying it - thank you!!

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