November 16, 2010

The Sexteenth! Whoot! I'm Back!!

I won't be writing about my vacation today... or posting the pictures. I'll save that for later in the week. But I will be sharing some info on the NEW toy I purchased at Hustler Hollywood (HH) in New Orleans before I got on the ship.

I'd love to share all of my impressions and thoughts on NOLA with you... but again, I'll do that in another post. This one if all about the fun. Did you miss them? Or was it only Jimmy who noticed the sex posts were lacking? ;-)

Has anyone heard of the We Vibe? I sure as hell hadn't. And when I saw it I dismissed it as odd and had no idea how to use it. And hey, if you have to figure out the sex toy then perhaps it's not worth it, you know?


Sure, this thing looks weird. Can any of you guess how it's used? The helpful sales people on the second floor of HH (where the good stuff is kept) happen to have a toy corral area. No, you do not undress and try the stuff out (bleach your dirty mind out for even thinking it). But you can pick up a gadget and see how it works.

Pete stood next to me checking out the merchandise, until the sales lady drifted over and actually started talking about stuff. He pretended something else caught his eye and slid a few feet away. Then an attractive couple came over and started picking up gadgets while the sales lady was chatting me up (they too became interested in the expensive toy she was showing me)... and he hightailed it. Bugger ran to the window and was instantly absorbed in the street below.

It was freakin hysterical!

Okay, enough jabbing at my poor husband. After all, he did say "It's your birthday, you want it, go for it." And didn't choke at the high price tag*. Why so much? Apparently the gadget works under water (how cool is that?), has nine settings and lasts six hours on ONE charge.

Wow. I can't last six hours at anything besides watching TV and even that would be broken up with drink and potty breaks.

*personal note - do not buy this toy at HH. I'm embarrassed to admit how much I paid. Buy it HERE at Amazon for less than half the price. If I could go back and spank the manager for overpricing the gadget you can bet your sweet patootie I would!

Okay - so how do you use it?

It's a clitoral and G-spot stimulator. The smaller part of the thing slides in with your husband and then kind of bends to position the bigger end to stimulate the sensitive spot outside while caressing the magic spot inside. Added bonus? It vibrates along his length as well.

Even though it looks more like a "C" shape right now, think of it like an "L" shape when in use and maybe it will become clearer on how it works. I swear, I must be a few shades of dumb, because I didn't get it right away either.

The overall rating at Amazon is 3.5 stars out of 32 reviews. reports 3 stars out of 5 from 18 reviews.

Here is what some of the users have to say:

This product lived up to it's description; I am pleased with the quality of construction. No irritation, sharp edges, no odors, no discomfort. Excellent design and quality. It has none of the problems of cheaper health aids. My wife was previously never able to achieve full satisfaction during conventional intercourse, and I knew it wasn't me or her as things were fine in our former marriages. It is just somehow the shape of our bodies even though we are normal shaped people. However, with this device, for the first time, she easily achieved satisfaction, together with me. I strongly recommend this for any couple looking for a little something new and fun or improved, or something extra. Low speed setting was perfect. While our experience is still limited (only a few days now) it is more than everything I hoped for and was well worth the money. It was very comfortable, and has a flexible design permitting one side to be internal and the other side to be external.  
From the product description I thought it might be completely waterproof using an inductive charger, but not so. This is ok, though, it is nearly waterproof and you plug in the charger through a tight sealed pinhole, so it does rinse off easily, though it's probably better to use the cleaning tissues instead. 
She was a little nervous and uncertain when she saw first saw it (that's a what?!!!), but now she thinks it is great. I strongly recommend it.
Next one:
This item works as described but could use with some improvements. I found it impossible to change the modes while item was inserted because the pressure needed to push the mode button would push the item out. Could find no logic to the order of the modes. Seems like it would be best if it would go from light to heavy vibration but it seems like there was no thought given to the order of the modes. Would recommend including a printout with the item to indicate what each mode is with it corresponding position and to reduce the amt of pulsing modes and give more vibration modes.
Most helpful negative one:
Wow, was I very disappointed in this!! After all of the great reviews I had read I was so set for a really great product, but not so. Let's start with the few positives....yes it's waterproof, being totally incased in silicone was very nice, and nine speeds was great too. That's where it stops for me. The on/off speed button is VERY hard to navigate due to it having to be made so small so that it doesn't get in the way of the "we-vibe" purpose. To change the speed is near impossible without stopping and quite often you have to remove it!! I also had a lot of problems with the unit moving around inside while being used, which caused distraction and frustration for me and my partner. The level of vibration is nice and low, which is great for "we" use, but HORRIBLE for solo use and not near strong enough even on the highest setting unless you're ultra sensitive. 
Maybe this product is great for the woman or couple who have difficulties and need some extra help but for a woman and a couple who simply just wanted to add something to their lovemaking it was a waste of money. Sure glad I bought it through Amazon and didn't pay full price at my local store!

C.J.'s Verdict:

4 out of 5 Big O's  

Pro's: Adds a new dimension to favorite positions, easy to use, easy to clean, does not trigger security at airports (and yes, I could go on and on about THAT one, I'll save that for next month with my special travel advice Sexteenth edition), lots of settings to choose from.

Con's: Switch is hard to manipulate while using (so pick a setting and enjoy).

Am I glad I got it? Yes. 
Did we enjoy it? Yes. 
Do I wish I had purchased it on Amazon and not at HH? YES!!!

Note: This is a silicone toy - you CAN NOT use silicone lubes with it like my favorite, Pjur. You must use a water-based one.

Here's the product description, which I included because I thought one part was particularly funny - 

Unique in design, this revolutionary product is the first ever vibrator that can be used while making love. The innovative design allows for both external clitoral and internal g-spot stimulation for women engaging in both solo and partner play. The We-Vibe is hands free, strap free and wireless. Created from 100% medical grade silicone, it’s soft, comfortable and easy to use. 9 exciting new modes designed to provide maximum climatic stimulation (Low Speed - High Speed - Throb - Wave - Pulse - Ramp - Tease - Ascending - Cha-Cha). We-Vibe II makes it even easier "to get turned on" with a new intuitive push button easy to find on the We-Vibe II's nose. With just one push you're turned on to Low Speed, push again and you move from one sensual style to the next. Finished with your We-Vibe II? Simply hold down the push button for two seconds to turn it off. Did you forget and fall asleep? Don't worry, your We-Vibe now has an automatic shut-off, indicating its time to charge. At the push of a button, get turned on again with your favourite vibe within an hour of use. The We-Vibe II remembers your last vibration mode, and resumes play!

I'm sorry - who the eff uses a vibrator and falls asleep while it's still ON?


Tune in next month when I'll be reviewing the NEW goodies the Innervibe people sent me for free (I'm an official sex toy tester now, did you hear? *snort*), in addition to my sexy travel kit for couples.

I'll also be giving away a free couples weekend pack courtesy of Innervibe to a lucky commenter! I know I still owe my last toy giveaway a package. I believe it was Sherry - I haven't forgotten - I'm just behind right now on my mailings. It will go out soon, I swear.

Get your sexy back, people! Don't make me get the crop!

Be the master of your domain. ;-)



Teri Anne Stanley said...

Oh my! I'm probably going to be distracted all day now. Why are these things always purple? Although if I try to imagine it in green, yellow, orange...okay, purple is fine.

Sarah said...

Super informative post, thanks Kristin!

Just to clarify, the We-Vibe is water- resistant however we do not recommend submerging the product in water. It is an electronic device after all :)

And for you Teri, If you really don't like purple, the We-Vibe also comes in Ruby and Teal - you can see them here:

Nicole Hadaway said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! You don't look your age at all, BTW.

you know, I'd figured out how to use this before you told me. What does that say about me?!?!?!?!?!

C.J. Ellisson said...

Teri - Thanks for stopping by! I hadn't thought toys come mainly in purple - but I'm just glad it's not the standard PINK I see all the time. Who thought a pink dildo was a good idea in the first place?

Sarah - Thanks for the clarification. And I'm C.J. NOT Kristin (but that is my agent's name, how funny!). The sales lady did tell me waterproof and encouraged me to use it in the hot tub. She needs a spanking too. :-)

Nikki- Thanks for the b-day wishes and the super kind comment that I don't look 40!! Shall I pay you now or later ;-)

I think it's cool you figured out how to use the gadget before reading it - I was scratching my head and passing it by when I first saw it in the toy display bin.

dncrtiger said...

We actually bought the original one a while back, waited for it to go on sale when the NEW version came out. It's a little weaker than the new one, but WE are still happy we bought it!

nancy echevarria said...

hey thanks for sharing I love your writing

C.J. Ellisson said...

Thanks for stopping by Nancy! Appreciate your kind words and hope to see you again.

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